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Has Push to Talk Technology rendered your old Two Way Radio Obsolete?

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It is a fact that the invention of two-way radio technology created new, ground-breaking communication technology for mission-critical services.

It created the opportunity for wireless communication over radiofrequency. Two-way radio communication became the staple until the introduction of Cellular Networks. Although this technology created a platform for communication over larger distance it certainly had its drawbacks. Its biggest shortcoming was the inability to allow one too many communication that was so easily provided by two-way radio. Then there was the “no network reception” issue that motivated mission-critical industries to stick with their old faithful two-way radio solutions instead of moving to its younger counterpart, cellular communication.

The evolution begins…

The fast pace set by cellular technology did, however, impact the two-way radio industry and forced suppliers to give their old outdated walkie talkie a much-needed revisit and the product evolved.  Two-way radio was improved to provide larger coverage and easier connectivity.  This, however, came at a price.  The evolution of two-way radio created wealth for large privately-owned companies that charged exorbitant fees to erect and maintain the new improved infrastructure required to increase its connectivity.  

The industry was begging for an alternative… and along came Trunking Radios with its Trunking network technology.  This technology now offered even larger connected footprints then the updated two way radio networks.  Larger coverage did however come at a price as the cost for infrastructure and rollout proved very expensive.  Connectivity footprints increased, but remained limited.

The evolution continued…

Digital two way radio over digital radio networks was the next step in the race to find the best alternative to traditional two way radio communication.  This technology is more affordable then Trunking or Tetra, but also has some major drawbacks.  High cost on rollout and limited national and international coverage are two of the major demotivating factors that prevents traditional two way radio users from moving to this Trunking solutions.

The final step in the evolution… enter Push to Talk Technology.

The rapid development and growth of cellular networks and advanced internet connectivity solutions created a platform for the birth of new ways to communicate and manage this communication.   The result… Push to Talk is born!

Instacom Push to talk, powered by Mobile Tornado pushes the boundaries and sets the new benchmark for two way radio communication.  Our technology is finally providing a viable alternative for replacing your old outdated two-way radio devices and networks.

Push to talk enables Virtually unlimited Coverage, No capex, No High Site maintenance, Very low opex cost, Less hardware, more features, simplified communications, one to one, one to many or Broadcast communication. truly the superior choice in Two way communication.

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