Improve customer satisfaction

With Instacom you can Finally have Instant communication, ensure employee safety, capture proof of attendance and file the full history of every transaction on site.

Industry Requirements

Whether your company offers commercial window cleaning, office cleaning or washroom servicing, we provide easy and efficient ways to monitor your staff’s attendance and workflow.


How it works

By placing NFC tags at required locations i.e. the offices staff have to clean, the cleaners’ vehicle or the depot where products are restocked, you will receive proof of attendance, records of time spent on a jobsite, tasks performed and stock used. All this information is transmitted in real time, which not only improves work scheduling and resource management, but also reduces cost and ultimately increases revenue.

Together with our solution partners it is also possible to provide protection to your mobile workforce. With Instacom’s Push To Alert application instant alerts can be raised by means of a panic button. Additionally, the employee can pre-arm the device using alert facilities allowing them to select an appropriate countdown based on the risk level. Alerts can be managed based on the type of alert and the time they occur. With integrated voice recording and conferencing, multiple people can communicate with mobile workers.

Key Features

  • Proof of attendance and alerts if staff failed to visit client location
  • Retrieval of location information: Outstanding tasks, transaction history with clients
  • Recording of data: Stock used, problems, vehicle information
  • Instant communication with staff: Urgent jobs, cancellations
  • Lone worker protection: Panic alerts