PC Dispatcher

Manage the safety of your team with our PC-Dispatcher

Lone worker safety is quickly becoming a focal point within  21st century organisations.  Tens of thousands of lone workers are abused, attacked or are victims of accident in South Africa , Zimbabwe and Angola every year. Jobs where social contact with the general public is commonplace are presented as the highest threat.

With the inclusion of Push-to-Locate and Push-to-Alert to Instacom’s suite of services, the PC Client was modified to include state of the art tracking capabilities in addition to its already high tech communication system.  Businesses can now expect the effective communication capabilities of Instacom’s PC Client with the highly effective tracking and monitoring system of the PC Dispatcher.

Managers, supervisors and control rooms can now continuously locate and identify lone workers’ exact whereabouts. They can react to panic alerts, communicate when needed and assist in any way should the need arise.



Benefits include:

  • Communication to all devices simultaneously
  • Communicate one-to-one or to compiled groups
  • Instant messaging to all users free of charge
  • Monitoring all remote working staff
  • User friendly interface
  • Adaptable on most modern PC’s