Public Sector

Industry Requirements

Service delivery and quick accessibility to critical service providers has become vital. Workers providing critical services are often in unaccusable areas and out of range… thus rendering traditional two way radio communication obsolete.

To deliver optimal services with the ever increasing infrastructure demands set on the public service the ability to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively has become a key focus of Instacom. We pride ourselves in supplying superior push to talk solutions and hardware that can facilitate the rapid communication that the public sector demands for fast deployment when public services are interrupted.

Why Choose us?

We firmly believe in offering our clients a full end to end Solution, not only a product. Our Solutions eliminates costly High Site maintenance costs, it alleviates the ongoing headache of limited coverage and it immediately connects all Public Sectors. Now, Police is directly connected to EMS, Fire Department, Traffic and Disaster Management.

No need for different integration to match two way radio equipment and frequencies. Rollout is immediately as users can even use their own devices (BYOD) if needed. For the more Rugged environments, we have assisted to manufacture the Worlds most Rugged devices specifically optimized for Push to Talk Solutions.

Can your department really afford to still work on coverage limited, non performing and maintenance heavy communications system?


The perfect solution for:


The Presidency

Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries

Justice and Correctional Services

Defence & Military


Home Affairs

Human Settlements

Mineral Resources

Public Enterprises

Public service

Public Works

State Security



Water & SanitationAny section that needs instant communication or quick response.

Any section that needs instant communication or quick response.