Push to Locate& Alert

Instacom’s Push-to-Locate is designed to locate and track all mobile staff movements for increased safety and worker efficiency. 


The location service is well-suited to most sectors including Transportation, Security, Construction, Healthcare and Mining.

Any user in any location across the country can activate the Push-to-Locate function instantly.  Utilising any applicable Instacom device, the Push-to-Locate function ensures that control rooms and supervisors are always aware of employees’ exact whereabouts. Instacom’s global coverage and advanced triangular positioning technology ensures that your mobile staff are monitored and administered in a highly effective and accurate way.

Push to Locate, in addition to Push to Talk and Push to IM (Instant Message) will assist companies in making more informed decisions.  Considering delivery or collection of products, services, emergency breakdowns or any logistical issues, the Push to Locate service performs perfectly for retrieval and reporting purposes.


The main features include

  • Scheduling of location updates
  • Locations stored for future reporting
  • Location prompt key for immediate location update
  • Locations stored in order according to configuration

The benefits of push to locate

  • Make informed decisions
  • Fully manageable
  • Audit log of staff locations
  • Reduce unnecessary journeys
  • Locate staff in an instant
  • Track on demand