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Guard Monitoring

Finally, you can track GPS location, workflow and incident reporting in real-time from one solution. This product can be integrated with Online Intelligence, Easy Roster, and other third-party solutions.


Guarding a client site isn’t just about making sure your guard visits certain checkpoints at certain times, and finding out as soon as possible if he failed to do so – although our core functionality does just that, and in real-time too.

It’s also about ensuring the guard has the right tool for the job – one that guides him in what he is doing, lets him (and his supervisor) know if something is amiss, enables easy recording of incidents, tasks and actions he carries out on his rounds, and also protects him when he is at his most vulnerable. And your managers need more than just Site, Employee and Round reports the following day – they also need an up-to-the-minute picture of what is currently happening and how all the guards’ rounds are progressing.

Our phone -based application for Manned Guarding provides an easy-to-use proof-of-attendance and data capture solution for the guard, whilst at the same time enabling multiple levels of Employee Protection and giving managers a real-time view of what is actually happening in the field right now.

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