Single Device

The RugGear Swift 2’s Security Guarding solution replaces multiple devices such as biometric scanners, two-way-radios, regular cell phones and guard patrolling systems.

Less Paperwork

Client information and history, timesheets, incident reports, supervisor reports, vehicle reports, key usage, customer reports and exception reports can all be stored and easily accessed on the online system.

Management Reports

Full real time audit trail of every transaction recorded, hours worked and service exceptions and completed tasks can be downloaded to spreadsheets or pdf files.

It’s time to replace your two way radios


The only alternative to ANY Two-Way Radio offering!

Unlimited Coverage, Immediately Available, No High Site Maintenance, No Costly Infrastructure, Securely Encrypted, User Friendly and Affordable.


Live Guard Patrol as never before!

Always Live: Patrol Reminders, Points Tagging, Checklists, Workflow Procedures, Incident Reporting, Time & Attendance and Automatic Rapports.


Manage workforce in real-time! 

Live GPS Tracking, Panic Button Identification and Playback via Mapping.


Rapid Deployment of Teams!

Dispatch Response Vehicles in Real-Time via Alarm Monitoring Software. Navigation and Workflow sent directly to phone. 


Security Guarding

Industry Requirements

For most security companies, employees are vital. It is important to provide a safe working environment for people both outside and within an organisation. To create an optimal work environment, security guards must have reliable mobile devices tough enough to function in the harshest conditions. Guard patrolling and communication equipment have to function in the most extreme environments to ensure industry demands are met and highest customer service is delivered. Tough equipment and uninterrupted service coverage are crucial.

Security Solutions

Solutions are tailored to be most effective for:

  • Armed Response Personel
  • Cash in transit personel
  • On-site Guards
  • Security Personel
  • Personal protection services
  • VIP Protection

Why choose us?


Instacom’s RugGear Swift 2, with the latest Push-To applications, provides a variety of features for security companies. It has GPS location tracking, extra-long battery life, high performance multimedia features, near field communication and lightning fast panic capabilities . The RugGear Swift 2’s rugged IP67 military standard features makes it the ideal device for the hazardous situations security workers often encounter. Guards also need the ability to report on a vast array of unexpected incidents and emergency situations. The RugGear Swift 2 and accompanied “Push To” applications provide the perfect solution. Highly efficient and instant reporting are ensured by the customizable prompts pre-set on the device, Push to Talk communication, instant messaging, pictures and video capabilities.

The reporting system is available anywhere, any time as it is a fully hosted, web enabled service for real time monitoring and dispute resolution. It also improves safety for remote/lone workers with a suite of instant real-time alerts protecting guards not arriving or leaving a location at the scheduled time.

Utilising NFC technology, the Mobile Security Guarding Solution offers a comprehensive range of monitoring and field communications functionality, by placing location tags on various site locations. Managers can have complete field worker control.