Support Products

MDM Premium + Support

MDM is a mobile management system to assist in controlling the use of the device. Businesses with mobile workforce require secure devices to ensure responsible usage, improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost.
Devices can be Locked down by allowing access to the required applications and preventing users from making any unintended changes in the solution.

MDM Remote + Support Screenless

As described above, but only applicable with screenless devices as no application is accessible.

Support fee – Monthly

The following support services are covered by the Retainer Fee

  • After sale Support related call-outs during office hours from Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00, excluding public holidays. Support call-outs do not include Training sessions or site set up removal of NFC tags or changing of NFC tags on site.
  • Access to a 24/7/365 Call centre and remote support

Support Call out work covered by Retainer fee

  • On-Site assistance with device/service related queries.
  • Couriers might be used in certain cases and or areas. Please note that remote support will always be attempted first.
  • On-Site assistance with Web Console service related queries, but remote support will also be attempted first before a call-out is issued.
  • Delivery of new devices and accessories at a Customer’s centralised premises and not on different sites.
The support fee is compulsory to be activated per sim with an Instacom service or device when multiple services is used. Ad hoc call out fees will apply if the monthly support fee is not subscribed to by the client.

Site set up per site

Site setup fees will be billed per-site setup as requested from Customer. When a customer acquires Guard Patrol, Clocking, Access or any other Instacom service and any NFC tag setup on-site, a site setup will be billed per site. If the customer chooses to perform the installation themselves, there will be no site setup costs and training will take place at a centralised point at the Customer’s premises and not on each site, training fees will be applicable. The Guard Patrol, Clocking, Access, Incidents and Checklist Site set up is defined as software configuration, NFC installation, NFC removal, NFC replacement and relocation of NFC tags.

Training fee per half / full day

Up to 4 / 8 Business Hours

Quote needs to be accepted and paid upfront by Customer Prior to training taking place.

Initial training on Instacom services and installation of PC Software are free of charge for a new customer, please note that this training will only take place at a centralised point at the customer premises and not on each site or multiple branches. If the customer ops to do their own site setups regarding Guard Patrol, Access, Clocking or any other Instacom service, an Instacom Technician will provide training to the customer’s representative with the initial delivery and training.

The Customer will be trained by an Instacom Technician on all devices and services.

3rd Party Integration set up fee per site

Setting up new applications from any 3rd party on already deployed devices/services will be billed as stipulated on the price list.

3rd Party Integration Fee, development cost

Any integration to 3rd party systems will be assessed and quoted on an ad hoc basis.

Call out Fee – Business hours

Clients without Support products / Base price

The Call out fee will be applicable when a customer chose not to subscribe to the monthly support subscription.